Propagation of an Acoustic Pulse of Finite Amplitude
in a Granular Medium

I. B. Esipov*, V. V. Zosimov**, and K. I. Matveev*

*Andreev Acoustics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Shvernika 4, Moscow, 117036 Russia

**Institute of Applied Acoustics, Dubna, Moscow oblast, 141980 Russia

Received August 7, 1996

Abstract—A study of propagation of a wide-band acoustic signal in a granular medium is reported. Experimental data on the propagation of pulses with an amplitude up to 3 MPa and characteristic length about 1 Ás through a sample of cobalt-manganese nodules are compared with a computer model of the process. An anomalous signal absorption in the high-frequency range observed with relatively weak sounding pulses is explained under the assumption of a fractal sample structure on a certain scale. When the signal amplitude increases, the absorption assumes a normal power form which is evidence of substance structural changes.

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