Modeling the Hydrodynamic Situation of the Exodus

N. E. Voltzinger and A. A. Androsov

Shirshov Institute of Oceanology (St. Petersburg Branch), Russian Academy of Sciences,
Vasil’evskii Ostrov, Pervaya liniya 30, St. Petersburg, 199053 Russia


Received June 11, 2002

Abstract—Hydrometeorological conditions for the Israelites’ Crossing of the Red Sea in the time of the Exo-
dus from Egypt are considered. The Crossing is possible provided that a low-tide phase and a storm-induced
drop in water level occur in the northern part of the Gulf of Suez, where the shallow ridge is located. The situ-
ation of the ridge’s exposure is modeled in accordance with the biblical narration. For this purpose, a three-
dimensional boundary-value problem in the region of the gulf and the adjacent Red Sea zone is posed. The
numerical method is based on changing to curvilinear boundary-fitted coordinates and on telescoping the sub-
region of the solution in the ridge zone.

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