Advances in Gerontology

Uspekhi Gerontologii

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Advances in Gerontology focuses on biomedical aspects of aging. The journal also publishes original articles and reviews on progress in the following research areas: demography of aging; molecular and physiological mechanisms of aging, clinical gerontology and geriatrics, prevention of premature aging, medicosocial aspects of gerontology, and behavior and psychology of the elderly.

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N.N. Petrov Institute of Oncology
Pesochnyi-2, 68, St. Petersburg, 197758 Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 439-95-34

Editorial Board


Vladimir N. Anisimov, Professor, Dr. Sci. (Medicine), Petrov Research Institute of Oncology, St. Petersburg


Vladimir Kh. Khavinson, St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, St. Petersburg

Coordinating Editor

G. A. Ryzhak, St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, St. Petersburg


V.S. Baranov, Ott Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg; Yu.P. Nikitin, Institute of Therapy, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk; A.D. Nozdrachev, Pavlov Institute of Physiology, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg; A.M. Olovnikov, Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow; I.G. Popovich, Petrov Research Institute of Oncology, St. Petersburg.


A.L. Azin (Russia), A.V. Arutjunyan (Russia), A.L. Ariev (Russia), V.V. Bezrukov (Ukraine), V.V. Benberin (Kazakhstan), M. Davidovich (Serbia), M.I. Davydov (Russia), C. Francheschi (Italy), N.K. Gorshunova (Russia), A.N. Il’nitsky (Belarus), V.T. Ivanov (Russia), A.N. Khokhlov (Russia), N.N. Kipshidze (Georgia), T.B.L. Kirkwood (Great Britain), N.K. Kolosova (Russia), V.K. Koltover (Russia), O.V. Korkushko (Ukraine), E.A. Korneva (Russia), G.P. Kotelnikov (Russia), A.V. Kulikov (Russia), I.M. Kvetnoy (Russia), A.V. Lysenko (Russia), A.I. Martynov (Russia), O.N. Mikhailova (Russia), V.S. Myakotnikh (Russia), M.A. Paltsev (Russia), K. I. Prashchayeu (Russia), S.I.S. Rattan (Denmark), G.S. Roth (USA), A.V. Sidorenko (Austria), V.P. Skulachev (Russia), G.A. Sofronov (Russia), J. Troisi (Malta), J. Vijg (USA), I.A. Vinogradova (Russia), P.A. Vorobiev (Russia), R. Weindruch (USA), T. von Zglinicki (Great Britain), E.G. Zotkin (Russia), A.I. Yashin (USA).

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2016, Volume 6 (4 issues)

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