Biology Bulletin Reviews

Uspekhi sovremennoi biologii i Zhurnal obshchei biologii

Russian language titles: Успехи современной биологии, Журнал общей биологии

ISSN PRINT: 2079-0864
ISSN ONLINE: 2079-0872


Biology Bulletin Reviews contains translations of review articles selected from two leading Russian biology journals: Uspekhi Sovremennoi Biologii and Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii.

The journal is a source of up-to-date and comprehensive information on the state and achievements of current biology, and covers a variety of biological disciplines including biogeography, botany, zoology, paleontology, embryology, taxonomy, evolutionary theory, physiology, and ecology. The journal also considers all aspects of adaptive mechanisms and strategies, problems of genetics and molecular biology, current taxonomy, ethology, and biomedical problems. The focus of the journal is general biological problems related to the organization and development of different life forms on the Earth. Although the journal is broad-scoped, it encourages publications dealing with biological macroobjects (organisms, populations, and communities), since these studies form the basis of general biological theories and concepts.

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Zhurnal obsсhei biologii
Maronovskii per. 26, Moscow, 119049 Russia.
Tel: +7 (499) 238-21-66


Uspekhi sovremennoi biologii
Maronovskii per. 26, 119049 Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7 (499) 238-29-66

Editorial boards of the Russian Source Publications

Uspekhi sovremennoi biologii


I.A. Zakharov-Gezekhus (Corresponding Member of the RAS)

Editorial board

A. F. Alimov, Yu. V. Gamalei, O. A. Gomazkov, N. B. Gusev, V. I. Evsikov, V. M. Zemskov, L. V. Kalakutsky, A. A. Kamensky, Yu. S. Reshetnikov, A. Yu. Rozanov, A. B. Rubin, I. V. Seregin, V. V. Khlebovich, S. V. Shestakov

Executive Secretary

M. S. Krasnov

Zhurnal obshchei biologii


E.A. Kriksunov (Corresponding Member of the RAS)

Deputy Editors-in-Chief

A. A. Zakharov, V.N. Mikheev

Editorial board

V. V. Aleshin, T. A. Britaev, D. O. Logofet, N. N. Marfenin, A. V. Markov, M. P. Moshkin, V. G. Onipchenko, A. A. Oskolsky, K. A. Rogovin

Executive Secretary

A. E. Bobyrev


2016, Volume 6 (6 issues)

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