Zoologicheskii zhurnal

English language title: Russian Journal of Zoology

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It is the oldest periodical in Russia covering all the branches of zoology. The journal features contributions on the relationship between evolution and phylogenesis of animals, species, taxonomy, onthogenesis, evolutionary and functional morphology, embryology, hystology, cytology, bionics, ecology, biocenology, biological productivity of fauna of land and sea, problems of zoogeography, genesis and development of faunas.

Among the applied problems priority is given to the fundamentals of the fish industry, hunting, and pest control. Equally welcome are contributions on restoration and protection of populations and on the problems of biological water quality control and biological treatment of polluted water.

A special section is devoted to methods of zoological studies. The journal also presents information on the activities of russian and foreign zoological institutes, their scope of work and developments, and chronicle of meeting, conferences, research expeditions, etc.

The Reviews section includes book reviews of russian and foreign publications


Zoologicheskii zhurnal
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V.N. Bol'shakov, S.Yu. Chaika, N.S. Chernetsov, A.V. Chesunov, R.D. Zhantiev, E.V. Ivanter, N.N. Iordanskii, E.A. Koblik, M.R.-D. Magomedov, K.V. Makarov, M.V. Mina, D.S. Pavlov, O.N. Pugachev, D.Yu. Tishechkin, A.B. Tsetlin


L.L. Sluchevskaya

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2016, 12 issues

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