Instruments and Experimental Techniques

Vol. 49, No. 4, 2006

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Nuclear Experimental Techniques

Design of a Neutrino Source Based on 37Ar Isotope and Technology of Its Production

V. I. Barsanov, Yu. I. Barsanov, A. A. Dzhanelidze, S. B. Zlokazov,
N. A. Kotel’nikov, S. Yu. Markov, Z. N. Shakirov, G. F. Abdullina,
E. P. Veretenkin, V. N. Gavrin, V. V. Gorbachev, I. N. Mirmov, and Yu. S. Khomyakov
p. 449  abstract

A Technology and Facility for Extraction, Purification, and Collection of 37Ar from Calcium Oxide

V. I. Barsanov, A. A. Dzhanelidze, A. A. Zamyatina, S. B. Zlokazov,
A. V. Korenkova, N. A. Kotel’nikov, S. Yu. Markov, V. V. Selin, Z. N. Shakirov,
D. N. Abdurashitov, E. P. Veretenkin, V. N. Gavrin, I. N. Mirmov, and V. E. Yantz
p. 454  abstract

Tagging of Mesons Using the pd frame0 3He Reaction Near Threshold

Chr. Bargholtz, L. Gerén, V. N. Grebenev, Yu. B. Gurov, V. S. Karpukhin,
I. V. Laukhin, B. V. Martem’yanov, V. A. Matveev, K. Lindberg,
V. S. Sopov, P.-E. Tegnér, B. A. Chernyshev, R. R. Shafigullin, and I. Zartova
p. 461  abstract

Monte Carlo Reconstruction of the Shower Coordinates and Shape in the Electromagnetic Calorimeter

A. N. Vasil’ev, Yu. A. Matulenko, V. V. Mochalov,
L. V. Nogach, P. A. Semenov, L. F. Solov’ev, and K. E. Shestermanov
p. 468  abstract

Measuring the Distortion in Nuclear Emulsion Using Particles from a Radioactive Source

V. V. Dubinina, N. P. Egorenkova, V. I. Krotkova, E. A. Pozharova,
V. A. Smirnitsky, V. V. Shamanov, and V. M. Novikov
p. 483  abstract

A Scintillation Response and an Ionization Yield in Pure Xenon and Mixtures of It with Methane

K. N. Pushkin, N. Hasebe, C. Tezuka, S. Kobayashi, M. Mimura,
T. Hosojima, T. Doke, M. Miyajima, T. Miyachi, E. Shibamura, V. V. Dmitrenko, and S. E. Ulin
p. 489  abstract

A Study of the Time and Amplitude Characteristics of the Scintillation Counter
Two Meters Long with frame1frame2frame3-115frame4 Photomultiplier Tubes

S. P. Denisov, A. Dzierba, A. K. Klimenko, R. Mitchell,
V. D. Samoilenko, E. Scott, P. Smith, and S. Teige
p. 494  abstract

Transportation of the Calibration Coefficients of the Scintillation Calorimeter

V. I. Kryshkin, V. V. Talov, and L. K. Turchanovich p. 502  abstract

Application of Computers in Experiments

A Digital Dynamic Amplitude–Frequency Spectrum Analyzer

V. A. Kalinnikov p. 506  abstract

A Simple Data Filter for the GPS Navigator

V. Sinivee p. 511  abstract

Electronics and Radio Engineering

A Highly-Sensitive Weak-Signal Complex-Amplitude Meter

V. N. V’yukhin p. 513  abstract

A Nanosecond SOS Generator with a Peak Power of 4 GW

A. I. Bushlyakov, S. K. Lyubutin, A. V. Ponomarev, S. N. Rukin,
B. G. Slovikovskii, S. P. Timoshenkov, and S. N. Tsyranov
p. 516  abstract

A Power Supply for Simulating Lightning-Current Pulses

A. S. Kravchenko and Yu. V. Vilkov p. 523  abstract

A Magnetic-Thyristor Pulse Generator for Electric-Discharge Technologies

V. A. Makeev, V. I. Gusel’nikov, A. V. Stepanov, E. G. Furman, and Wang Fu Quan p. 531  abstract

A Small Low-Inductance Capacitor Charged with 200-kV Pulses

A. V. Saushkin, N. V. Zharova, A. A. Kim, N. A. Ratakhin, and V. F. Fedushchak p. 534  abstract

Provision of Electromagnetic Compatibility during Creation of Electrophysical Facilities

A. I. Gerasimov, V. S. Gorkunov, and G. M. Skripka p. 539  abstract

General Experimental Techniques

An Experimental Stand for Studying a High-Current Discharge in a Dense Gas

A. V. Budin, S. Yu. Losev, M. E. Pinchuk, F. G. Rutberg, and A. F. Savvateev p. 549  abstract

A Speckle-Correlation Method for Determining the Dispersion of Optical Fibers and Scattering Parameters
in Optically Inhomogeneous Media Using Lasers with Frequency Deviation

G. G. Akchurin and A. G. Akchurin p. 553  abstract

Physical Instruments for Ecology, Medicine, and Biology

Experimental Study of the Depth Dose Distributions Produced by an Electron Beam

A. V. Belousov, A. A. Kurakin, and A. P. Chernyaev p. 559  abstract

A Mean-Count-Rate Meter with Adaptive Digital Signal Smoothing

A. frame5igiframe6 p. 563  abstract

A Geophysical Device for Automation of Multielectrode Electrical Prospecting

A. Yu. Bulgakov and A. K. Manshtein p. 565  abstract

Laboratory Techniques

A Setup for Generation and Investigation of Cumulative Dust Jets in Gas and Plasma

S. V. Bulychev, D. V. Vyalykh, A. E. Dubinov,
I. L. L’vov, S. A. Sadovoi, and V. D. Selemir
p. 568  abstract

Thermometry Based on the Intensity Distribution in a Thermal-Radiation Spectrum

V. A. Kop’ev, I. A. Kossyi, A. N. Magunov, and N. M. Tarasova p. 573  abstract

A Prototype of the Centrifugal Pellet Injector for the ITER Tokamak

I. V. Vinyar, A. Ya. Lukin, S. V. Skoblikov, A. P. Umov,
P. V. Reznichenko, I. A. Krasil’nikov, and V. I. Panchenko
p. 577  abstract

A Pneumatic Injector of Deuterium Pellets for the TORE-SUPRA Tokamak

I. V. Vinyar, A. P. Umov, A. Ya. Lukin, S. V. Skoblikov, P. V. Reznichenko, and I. A. Krasil’nikov p. 585  abstract

Low-Temperature High-Pressure Electrical Leads in a Compressed-Helium Medium

A. E. Petrova and S. M. Stishov p. 592  abstract

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