Laser Physics

Vol. 14, No. 2, 2004

The Proceedings of the Twelfth International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS’03),
Hamburg, Germany, August 25–29, 2003


G. Huber

Modern Trends in Laser Physics

Microstructure Fibers: A New Phase of Nonlinear Optics

A. M. Zheltikov p. 119  abstract

Maximum Entanglement

A. A. Klyachko and A. S. Shumovsky p. 134  abstract

Persistent Perfect Entanglement in Atomic Systems

Ö. frame0akir, M. A. Can, A. A. Klyachko, and A. S. Shumovsky p. 139  abstract

Laser Assisted Collisional Population of Ga I Autoionizing Levels

P. Bicchi, S. Barsanti, and E. Favilla p. 144  abstract

Progress towards a 133Cs Fountain as Frequency Standard in Brazil

D. V. Magalhães, M. S. Santos, A. Bebeachibuli, S. T. Müller, and V. S. Bagnato p. 150  abstract

Accelerated Decay of the 31-yr Isomer of Hf-178 Induced by Low-Energy Photons and Electrons

C. B. Collins, N. C. Zoita, F. Davanloo, S. Emura, Y. Yoda, T. Uruga, B. Patterson,
B. Schmitt, J. M. Pouvesle, I. I. Popescu, V. I. Kirischuk, and N. V. Strilchuk
p. 154  abstract

Possible Ways for Triggering the 179m2Hf Isomer

S. A. Karamian, J. J. Carroll, L. A. Rivlin, A. A. Zadernovsky, and F. J. Agee p. 166  abstract

Strong Field Phenomena

Magnetic Impurity Particle States on the Short-Range Potential of Arbitrary Depth

S. P. Andreev and T. V. Pavlova p. 174  abstract

Signatures of Molecular Orientation and Orbital Symmetry in Strong-Field Photoelectron
Angular and Energy Distributions of Diatomic Molecules and Small Carbon Clusters

A. Jaroframe1-Becker, A. Becker, and F. H. M. Faisal p. 179  abstract

Ultracold Rydberg Plasma Produced by the Photoionization of Laser-Cooled Xenon Atoms

V. S. Filinov, E. A. Manykin, B. B. Zelener, and B. V. Zelener p. 186  abstract

Three-Step Processes with Relativistic Ions

C. C. Chirilframe2, C. J. Joachain, N. J. Kylstra, and R. M. Potvliege p. 190  abstract

Control of Resonance States in Crossed Magnetic and Laser Fields

K. Krajewska and J. Z. Kamiframe3ski p. 194  abstract

Scattering of an Electron Wave Packet by an Atom and Two-Electron Photoionization
in the Presence of a Strong Laser Field

A. M. Popov, O. V. Tikhonova, and E. A. Volkova p. 200  abstract


Necrosis Characteristics of Photodynamics Therapy in Normal Rat Liver

J. Ferreira, C. Kurachi, C. A. S. Melo, L. T. Moriyama, S. Zucoloto, and V. S. Bagnato p. 209  abstract

Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection of Quantum Dots Redistributed
in Thermally Stressed Tumor Cells

J. Beuthan, C. Dressler, and O. Minet p. 213  abstract

Mitochondrial Autofluorescence Induced by Visible Light in Single Rat Cardiac
Myocytes Studied by Spectrally Resolved Confocal Microscopy

D. Chorvat, Jr., V. Bassien-Capsa, M. Cagalinec, J. Kirchnerova, A. Mateasik,
B. Comte, and A. Chorvatova
p. 220  abstract

Noninvasive Detection of beta-Carotene and Lycopene in Human Skin using Raman Spectroscopy

M. E. Darvin, I. Gersonde, S. Ey, N. N. Brandt, H. Albrecht, S. A. Gonchukov,
W. Sterry, and J. Lademann
p. 231  abstract

In vivo Determination of UV-Photons Entering into Human Skin

J. Lademann, U. Jacobi, H. Richter, N. Otberg, H.-J. Weigmann, H. Meffert,
H. Schaefer, U. Blume-Peytavi, and W. Sterry
p. 234  abstract

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging on the Picosecond Timescale

S. Brustlein, F. Devaux, B. Wacogne, and E. Lantz p. 238  abstract

Analysis of the Breath from Patients Treated by Anti-tumour Radio-therapy

G. Giubileo, A. Puiu, G. Argirò, P. Rocchini, and E. Borra p. 243  abstract

Physics of Lasers

Relaxation of Excited States and Up-Conversion Phenomena in Rare Earth-Doped YVO4
Crystals Grown by the Czochralski Method

W. Ryba-Romanowski, P. Solarz, G. Dominiak-Dzik, R. Lisiecki, and T. Lukasiewicz p. 250  abstract

Measurement of the Amplitude and Phase Parts of the Saturated Gain Grating
in a Nd:YAG Crystal Using the Talbot Effect

N. N. Il’ichev and V. V. Tumorin p. 258  abstract

Nonlinear Optics and Spectroscopy

Interactions of Quadratic Spatial Solitons in Noncritically Phase-Matched KNbO3

L. Jankovic, H. Kim, S. Polyakov, G. I. Stegeman, Ch. Bosshard, and P. Gunter p. 264  abstract

Third-Harmonic Generation in Porous Glass

S. V. Zabotnov, A. B. Fedotov, S. O. Konorov, T. V. Veselova, I. E. Smirnova,
P. K. Kashkarov, and A. M. Zheltikov
p. 273  abstract

Physics of Cold Trapped Atoms

Atomic Interaction Effects in the Superradiant Light Scattering from a Bose–Einstein Condensate

N. Piovella, L. Salasnich, R. Bonifacio, and G. R. M. Robb p. 278  abstract

Coupling between Topological Excitations and the Background Sound Field
in Atomic Bose–Einstein Condensates

N. P. Proukakis, N. G. Parker, C. F. Barenghi, and C. S. Adams p. 284  abstract

Formation of Multisolitons and Vortex Bright Solitons in Bose-Condensed Alkali-Metal Atoms

L. Salasnich p. 291  abstract

Beliaev Damping of Transverse Quadrupole Oscillations in Single-Vortex Bose–Einstein Condensates

T. Mizushima, M. Ichioka, K. Machida, T. Isoshima, and M. M. Salomaa p. 295  abstract

Dynamics of Trapped Fermion Clouds

F. Toschi, P. Vignolo, P. Capuzzi, S. Succi, and M. P. Tosi p. 302  abstract

Dynamic vs. Thermodynamic Signatures of Quantum Demixing under Confinement

P. Capuzzi, A. Minguzzi, and M. P. Tosi p. 307  abstract

Quantum Entanglement and Correlation of Bose Condensed Atoms

Ö. E. Müstecaphoframe4lu and L. You p. 312  abstract

BEC Dynamics with Fluctuations: Beyond HFB Approximation

A. M. Rey, B. L. Hu, E. Calzetta, A. Roura, and C. Clark p. 318  abstract

An Investigation of the Role of Quantum Statistics in Interacting Atomic
and Molecular Bose–Einstein Condensates

M. K. Olsen and L. I. Plimak p. 331  abstract


The new international journal Laser Physics Letters

13th International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS’04)
(Trieste, July 12–16, 2004)

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