Solar System Research

Vol. 45, No. 7, 2011

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The Development of the Scientific and Design School of G.N. Babakin
during the Creation of Deep-Space Automated Spacecraft

K. M. Pichkhadze p. 563  abstract

Features of Ballistic Design of ARKON-1 Remote-Sensing Space System
for Optoelectronic Earth Observations

V. V. Efanov, V. I. Semunkina, and S. V. Shostak p. 572  abstract

Asteroid Hazard, Real Problems and Practical Actions

I. V. Lomakin, M. B. Martynov, V. G. Pol’, A. V. Simonov p. 577  abstract

Enhancement of On-Board Forecasting Accuracy of GEO SC COG Motion
Using the Compensative Transversal Acceleration

A. E. Evgrafov and A. E. Nazarov p. 584  abstract

Space Modules of Phobos-Grunt Complex for Prospective Interplanetary Stations

G. M. Polishchuk, K. M. Pichkhadze, V. V. Efanov, and M. B. Martynov p. 589  abstract

Planetary Protection Principles Used for Phobos-Grunt Mission

M. B. Martynov, S. N. Alexashkin, N. M. Khamidullina, O. I. Orlov, N. D. Novikova,
E. A. Deshevaya, and V. I. Trofimov
p. 593  abstract

Operability of Space System under Conditions of Long-Term Space Flights
with Allowance for Accumulation of Damage

A. A. Lyubomudrov p. 597  abstract

Use of Combined Method for Computing GEO SC Corrections
to Minimize Orbit Eccentricity

A. E. Nazarov p. 600  abstract

Organization of Tests of Integrated On-Board Spacecraft Control System

R. N. Arkhangelskii and Yu. K. Zaiko p. 608  abstract

Dynamical Parameters of Spacecraft Motion near Small Celestial Body

V. G. Pol’ p. 614  abstract

Use of Parking Orbit at Mars for Flight to the Main Asteroid Belt

A. V. Simonov p. 622  abstract

Critical Diameters of Detonation of Explosives Used in Spacecraft Separation Systems

A. A. Kotomin, S. A. Dushenok, V. V. Efanov, M. A. Trapeznikov,
A. S. Kozlov, and V. V. Gorovtsov
p. 631  abstract

Average Lifespan of Radioelectronic Equipment with Allowance for Resource Limitations

A. N. Davydov p. 638  abstract

Cost Optimization for Maintaining the Survivability of Terrestrial Objects
of a Satellite Control System

E. N. Khokhlachev p. 641  abstract

Dynamic Planning of Navigation Determinations of Airspace and Missile Objects
in an Automated Flight Test Control System

D. A. Lovtsov and D. S. Karpov p.645  abstract

Kazakhstan Scientific Space System Project

M. M. Moldabekov, A. S. Inchin, Yu. R. Shpadi , A. Yu. Lozbin p. 652  abstract

On Stability of Orbit of Artificial Moon Moving around a Small Celestial Body
Perturbed by an External Body

V. G. Pol’, A. V. Simonov, K. G. Sukhanov p. 657  abstract

Characterization of the Rotation Matrix by the Monte Carlo Method
during the Processing of Video Images of Phobos

A. A. Novalov, R. A. Nikitushkin, and L. A. Boldacheva p. 663  abstract

On the Elastic Suspension of Spacecraft in Shipping Container

V. E. Bordadymov and N. N. Danilovskiy p. 672  abstract

Detonation Pressure of Explosive Charges Applied in Spacecraft Division Systems

A. A. Kotomin , N. P. Shirokova, S. A. Dushenok, E. N. Breshev,
V. V. Efanov, and V. V. Gorovtsov
p. 677  abstract

Macroinformational Analysis of Conditions for Controllability of Space-Vehicle Orbit

B. I. Glazov p. 684  abstract

New Russian Lunar Unmanned Space Complexes

V. V. Khartov, L. M. Zelenyi, V. P. Dolgopolov, V. V. Efanov, O. N. Zaytseva,
A. V. Lukiyanchikov, M. B. Martynov, and K. M. Pichkhadze
p. 690  abstract

Will the Lunar Renaissance Come Forth?

L. M. Zelenyi, A. V. Zakharov, O. V. Zakutnyaya p. 697  abstract

Glorious History

M. Ya. Marov p. 705  abstract

Prospective Spacecraft for Venus Research: Venera-D Design

V. A. Vorontsov, M. G. Lokhmatova, M. B. Martynov, K. M. Pichkhadze,
A. V. Simonov, V. V. Khartov, L. V. Zasova, L. M. Zelenyi, and O. I. Korablev
p. 710  abstract

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